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Talk by Xian-Min Jin

An optical free-space link is highly desirable for extending the transfer distance of quantum teleportation, because of its low atmospheric absorption for certain ranges of wavelength. Here we achieve free-space implementation of quantum teleportation over 16 km. An active feed-forward technique has been developed to enable real-time information transfer. An average fidelity of 89%, well beyond the classical limit of 2/3, is achieved.

Our result confirms the feasibility of space-based experimentsEmploying photonic entangled pairs to implement linear optical quantum computing holds the promise to realize scalable quantum information processing (QIP). In last decade, intensive researches have been carried out with spontaneous parametric down-converted (SPDC) entanglement sources and remarkable progress has been achieved. However, scalable linear optical computing is still extremely challenging, due to the lack of a quantum memory for the SPDC photons.

We report the first experimental preparation of a 5 MHz frequency-uncorrelated SPDC source and reversibly mapping the generated entangled photons into and out of a remote atomic quantum memory. Our work establishes a crucial element to implement scalable linear optical quantum computing and opens up a realistic avenue towards all-optical QIP