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Talk by Carlos A. Balseiro

Talk by Carlos A. Balseiro 

The ability to make molecular junctions, with molecules connecting two conducting leads, creates the opportunity to study how electric current flows though molecules. Using simple models and numerical renormalization group (NRG) calculations, we have studied different processes governing the electron flow through Spin-1/2 and Spin-1 molecular junctions.

First we analyze the effect of soft phonon modes in Spin-1/2 molecules and show that, while the spin fluctuations are dominated by the bare couplings, the valence instabilities are determined by the dressed energies. This effect, related to the Franck-Condon effect, leads to anomalous transport properties that explain recent experimental observations in a family of organometalic molecules.

We have also studied the transport though higher spin molecules. In recent experiments with Spin-1 molecules, it has been shown that the molecular spin and the magnetic anisotropy can be manipulated in a controllable way by mechanical motion.

Using simple arguments and NRG results we interpret these new experiments and show that by mechanically stretching the molecule, spin anisotropy is induced changing the conductance of the molecular junction in a drastic way.