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Optical micro/nanofibers: fabrication, theory, and applications

Usually, an optical micro/nanofiber is a single-mode waveguide, which is fabricated from a standard telecom optical fiber by drawing and has a diameter from ~ 0.1 to ~1 micron. In this talk, basic methods of micro/nanofiber fabrication, theory, and applications are reviewed. In particular, the theory and experimental evaluation of adiabatic micro/nanofiber tapers are discussed. One of the interesting conclusions of the theory is the existence of the threshold nanofiber diameter below which a nanofiber does not transmit light. While the adiabatic micro/nanofiber tapers are the waveguides possessing macro-nonuniformities, not less important is the investigation of the microfiber micro-nonuniformities which are also considered both theoretically and experimentally. It is shown that the fundamental limit for the smallest transmission loss of micro/nanofibers is determined by the frozen-in capillary waves. Finally, several applications of microfibers in photonics are discussed.