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PhD defence by Bo Melholt Nielsen

A non-classical light source for light-matter interfaces

The main part is an account of the work done on a non-classical source of light. The non-classical light source described here is based on heralded continuous-wave spontaneous parametric down-conversion, and is shown capable of producing three such non-classical quantum states of light - i.e. squeezed coherent states, single photons and Schrödinger cat states. The light source is motivated for its use as a quantum state resource in fields, such as quantum information, computation and processing. The three optical quantum states are analyzed and shown being of high quality and inherently applicable to atomic quantum memory protocols.

The second part is an account of the work done on an optomechanical dielectric membrane. The optomechanical membrane is motivated by its uses in fundamental test of quantum mechanics and by its many prospects of interfacing to optical and atomic quantum systems. The optomechanical membrane system is described and discussed for the purpose of entering into the quantum regime, while the planned implementations of the initial-phase experiment are presented and discussed.

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