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NBIA Colloquium

Title: Data integration in the era of personal genomics 
Speaker: Søren Brunak (DTU and KU)


Data integration within biology is a rather old idea, and as a concept it now influences strongly how complex biological mechanisms are understood and disease etiology revealed. Molecular level bioinformatics and systems biology, where properties of genes or networks of genes are revealed, have not been having a large overlap with the medical research communities where results made on the basis of information in electronic patient records, public registries, and from the epidemiological area, are created.

By extracting phenotype information from the free­text in such records the talk will show how we can extend the information contained in the structured record data, and use it for producing fine­grained patient stratification and quantify disease co­occurrence and comorbidity. One of the aims is to discover genes which play a role in several, highly different diseases.

The talk will discuss the perspectives within data integration which includes the medical informatics area – both in terms of data and the methods which are used to integrate them.