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Master Thesis by Jesper Skottfelt

Concept Study of a Scanning Space Telescope

A scanning space mission is studied, based on a 3.5 meter space telescope, equipped with a camera employing 1000 photon counting detectors with a spatial resolution of 0.05 arcseconds. The mission will scan the obtainable sky in about 14 days and in a 10 year mission lifetime, the full sky will therefore be scanned in the order of 200 times.
The limiting AB-magnitude per scan is found to be about 25, while it for the full mission goes beyond 29. Using both visual and near-infrared detectors, the wavelengths from 200 to 1700 nm will be covered.
A number of major science drivers are presented along with proposed scanning strategies. Further, the payload is studied along with several elements of the platform of the spacecraft and a simulation of a possible orbit is presented.

Supervisor: Per Kjærgaard Rasmussen,
Co-supervisor: Michael Ingemann Andersen