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Speciale Kollokvium

Andreas Vigand Pedersen


The AdS/CFT correspondence provides us with a remarkable tool for studying strongly coupled field theories. In essence, the AdS/CFT correspondence is a conjectured mathematical equivalence between certain gravitational theories and non-gravitational quantum gauge theories. More specifically, the AdS/CFT correspondence predicts a duality between a set of gravitational theories, defined on Anti-de Sitter space (AdS), and a set of conformal field theories (CFT), defined on the boundary of the corresponding anti-de Sitter space. It is believed that any quantum field theory admits an effective description in terms of fluid dynamics at sufficiently high temperatures and energy densities. Applying this principle to the AdS/CFT correspondence, we obtain an equivalence between gravity and fluid dynamics (of conformal field theories), known as the fluid/gravity correspondence. Recently, a new approach to the fluid/gravity correspondence has emerged. This approach directly utilizes the well-understood gravitational equations on the gravity side to gain new information about the fluid dynamical behavior on the gauge theory side. It has been the purpose of my thesis to examine this new aspect of the AdS/CFT correspondence. In this talk I will give a short introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence and conformal fluid dynamics. I will then move on to explaining how, by solving the gravitational equations perturbatively around certain D dimensional brane solutions, the equations of gravity are dual to those of conformal fluid dynamics. Moreover, I show how the fluid/gravity correspondence can be used to extract new information about the dual fluid - information otherwise completely unavailable using quantum field theoretical perturbative methods. The results can be seen both as a verification of the correctness of the fluid/gravity correspondence and as an extremely powerful laboratory for examining the fluid dynamic properties of strongly coupled theories. Finally I will introduce a relatively new class of exact (black hole) solutions to Einstein's equations, on anti-de Sitter backgrounds, and explain how these objects fit beautifully into the fluid/gravity correspondence.

Supervisor: N. Obers