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Theoretical High Energy Seminar

Riccardo Ricci (Imperial College)

Title:  Generalized scaling and integrability from AdS5 x S5

Abstract:  According to AdS/CFT a remarkable correspondence exists
between strings in AdS5 x S5 and operators in N=4 SYM.  A particularly
important case is that of fast-spinning folded closed strings and the so
called twist-operators in the gauge theory. This is a remarkable tool
for uncovering and checking the detailed structure of the AdS/CFT
correspondence and its integrability properties.
In this talk I will show how to match the expression of the anomalous
dimension of twist operators as computed from the quantum superstring
with the result obtained from the Bethe ansatz of SYM. This agreement
resolves a long-standing disagreement between gauge and string sides of
the AdS/CFT duality and provides a highly nontrivial strong coupling
test of SYM integrability.