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Master thesis defense by Rawa Tanta

Heterostructure nanodevices opens a new door for nanoelectronic applications, and fabricating 1D heterostructure nanodevices has been reported where semiconductor nanowires were the perfect candidate for such application my manipulating their components, specially group III-V semiconductor by interchanging either group V or group III elements. Forming heterostructure nanowires by manipulating group V elements has been established by Bjork et al (2002) who managed to produce InAs- InP superlattices.

In the Nanolab of Copenhagen University Peter Krogstrup managed to grow epitaxial heterostructure nanowires by interchanging group III elements in III-V semiconductor nanowire producing InAs-GaAs superlattices, GaAs segment in the wire will form a potential barrier inside.

The aim of this thesis is to determine this barrier height by applying thermionic emission measurements on the nanowire. This thesis includes the attempts that had been made in order to establish Ohmic contact to the nanowires. Thermionic emission measurements has been done and the potential barrier height has been calculated and found to be around 0.6 eV which is compatible with the estimated value for the bulk material of the same structure.

Master thesis defense by Rawa Tanta