Interim Colloquium by Henning Mikkelsen – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

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Interim Colloquium by Henning Mikkelsen


The Bonnor-Ebert sphere model was initially proposed by Ebert (1955) and Bonnor (1956) in order to describe an isothermal, thermal pressure supported, self gravitating sphere bounded by the external pressure. The gravitational stability of these spheres was shown to depend only on one parameter - ξ0 - defined on the boundary of the sphere.

Although very convenient for calculations the Bonnor-Ebert sphere model was initially considered too stylized to represent any real astrophysical phenomenon. In the later years, however, it has been found that the model represents the density profile of isolated starless cores like Bok Globules remarkably well, indicating that it reflects the basic physics of these objects correctly.

In the talk the present status of the Bonnor-Ebert sphere model and possible extensions to it will be discussed.

Supervisor: Jens Knude