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Master Thesis Defence by Conzalo de la Torre Carazo

This thesis addresses non-locality, a property of nature closely related to entanglement which entails the largest departure from the classical world and that lies at the heart of the power of quantum information and computation.

In particular, we focus on the difficulties one finds to prove it experimentally due to several loopholes. In particular, we discuss the current theoretical approaches to close the detection loophole with hyper entangled photonic systems or mixed entangled atomic-photonic systems under different assumptions.

We motivate the work by giving a brief review of the applications that non-locality has when achieved in a certified loophole-free way such as device-independent cryptography or guaranteed randomness. We give bounds to the minimum detection efficiency needed for different scenarios under realistic experimental conditions and finish with an intriguing observation about the possible relation of these bounds with the ones achieved in more general no-signalling theories.