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Talk by Daniel Salart University of Geneva

"Neglecting loopholes in their interpretation, all previously performed Bell experiments have helped to confirm quantum theory, but only when gravity is negligible. None of them attempted to create significant variations in the local gravitational fields at the time and locations where the measurements are performed. In this experiment, the detection of each particle triggers the displacement of macroscopic masses that modify their surrounding gravitational fields. This allowed us to test the hypothesis that says that the collapse of the wave-function is induced by gravity.

This experiment also confirmed that the correlations between two space-like separated events that are observed in Bell experiments can not be explained by subluminal communication. However, it could still be possible that an unknown influence travelling between the events at a speed faster than light induces the collapse of the wave-function. If we consider, for a moment, that this hypothetical influence is a real phenomenon, it is logical to assume that it has a speed; and this speed must be defined in some universal privileged reference frame. In this experiment, we also set a lower bound on the value of this speed, confirming the nonlocality of quantum correlations."