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Midtvejskollokvium by Majken Ellegaard Christensen

Formation of high-mass stars

The formation of high-mass stars are today very poorly understood compared to low-mass stars. This is because high-mass stars are rarer and are therefore on average further away, their evolution is faster which makes it difficult to detect their intermediate stages, they are generally found in clusters and they strongly interact with their environment. Today we have two competing theories on the formation of high-mass stars: monolithic collapse and competitive accretion. The major differences in the theories are: do they form alone or in clusters? and do they have accretion disks as low-mass stars do during formation? Also, I will present a new discovery, which strongly favorize one of the two theories. To finish off I will talk about my work on high-mass star formation, which is analyzing the molecular emission from the high-mass star forming region G327.3-0.6.

Supervisor: Jes K. Jørgensen, Centre for Star and Planet Formation, Niels Bohr Institute