Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology Seminar – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology Seminar

D. Chialva, Uppsala University

Title: Chain Inflation Revisited

Abstract: We present an in-depth treatment of the chain inflation scenario. We fully determine the evolution of the universe in the model, the necessary conditions in order to have successful inflationary period, and the matching with the observational results regarding the cosmological perturbations. We study in great detail, and in general, the dynamics of the background, as well as the mechanism of generation of the perturbations finding an explicit formula for the spectrum of adiabatic perturbations. The results are radically different from those found in previous works on the subject and prove that chain inflation is a viable model alternative to slow-roll, chaotic models. Finally, we argue that there is a natural way to embed chain inflation into flux compactified string theory. We discuss the details of the implementation and how to fit observations.