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Measurements of Black Carbon in Arctic Snow

Measurements of Black Carbon in Arctic Snow

Studenterkollokvium, Sebastian B. Simonsen, Niels Bohr Institutet

A limited number of snow samples have been collected on sea ice in the proximity of Nordauslandet, Svalbard. The samples have later been analyzed at University of Washington, USA, to determine the content of Black Carbon.

Black Carbon is a byproduct of incomplete combustion and when deposited on the snow it is causing a decrease in the snow albedo, hence accelerating the melt in summer time. Even more pronounced is the effect on snow covered sea ice because as the snow melts the Black Carbon is accumulating on the ice surface and high concentrations are reached.

This talk will shortly recap the Black Carbon's effect on the snow albedo. How samples are collected and analyzed are of main focus. The result of the measured samples is confirming previous published results from the SHEBA experiment, but will be discussed during the symposium.