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Solving the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Problems

The lecture will begin with a review of the main findings from the IPCC
Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) relating to climate change science,
impacts and adaptation, and mitigation. Their importance and relevance
for policy and implementation will be explored. Climate change response
policies (adaptation and mitigation) need to be fully integrated into
sustainable development strategy. A practical framework called
Sustainomics, based on making development more sustainable (MDMS),
permits us to address traditional development issues like poverty, food
security, health, employment, etc, while simultaneously taking steps to
deal with longer term problems such as climate change. CC will undermine
SD prospects, and future development paths will affect climate change,
in a circular fashion. Synergies between CC and SD may be exploited,
while trade-offs need to be resolved. The importance of
trans-disciplinary analysis will explained, including the role of
scientists and engineers in developing practical solutions. Case studies
will be briefly summarized, which illustrate the approach at
global/transnational, national/macroeconomic, sectoral/ecosystem, and

The lecture is based on a recent book "Making Development More
Sustainable: Sustainomics Framework and Practical Applications" by Mohan
Munasinghe. Copies (personally autographed) will be available for sale
after the lecture.

More info on the INESPE Lecture Series on the Social Responsibility of
Engineers and Scientists at The Lecture
Series is organized in collaboration with Center for the Philosophy of
Nature and Science Studies at the University of Copenhagen.


Mohan Munasinghe
Vice Chair, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Chairman, Munasinghe Institute for Development (MIND)