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Theoretical High Energy Seminar by R. Hernandez

Theoretical High Energy Seminar by R. Hernandez (Madrid)

Title: N=4 magnons and twist-two anomalous dimensions

Progress towards a wider understanding of the AdS/CFT correspondence has been enlightened by the appearance of integrable structures on both sides of the duality.

Integrability had however shown before in the Regge limit of scattering amplitudes in QCD. In this talk we will present some evidence in favor of a connection between both integrable structures.

We will extract from the double logarithmic contributions to DGLAP anomalous dimensions for twist-two operators the magnon dispersion relation for planar N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills. We will then show how perturbatively the magnon dispersion relation agrees with the expansion of the anomalous dimension for spin-one as well as with the non-collinear double logarithmic contributions to the BFKL anomalous dimensions analytically extended to negative spin.

The all-loop expression for the magnon dispersion relation can thus be determined by the double logarithmic resummation of the corresponding Bethe-Salpeter equation.