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Theoretical High Energy Seminar by D. Volin

D. Volin (Saclay): Sl(2) sector of integrable spin chain

We will discuss Sl(2) subsector of integrable spin chain, which
appears in the context of AdS/CFT correspondence. This subsector was
intensively studied during last two years and gave the main hints
about construction of dressing phase. In this talk we will overview
the recent progress in this field, show simple (though not completely
rigorous) derivation of BES/FRS equation, discuss analytical
properties of dressing phase and perform perturbative expansion at
strong coupling. For the case of BES equation it is possible to build
recursive procedure to calculate arbitrarily high order of
perturbation theory. For the case of FRS (l\neq 0) equation recursive
procedure also exists, but its implementation is more involved. As
well, the case of FRS equation at strong coupling exibits two
different regimes.