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Surface plasmons in nanostructures

Master Student Colloquium

The miniaturization and dense integration of optical devices are major challenges in micro- and nanotechnology. A hopeful approach to the downscaling of optical components involves surface plasmon polaritons, which are electromagnetic waves propagating along a metal-dielectric interface.

In the talk I shall first give an introduction to the nature of surface plasmon polaritons by discussing electromagnetic waves that propagate along the surface of an infinite metallic half-space. The dispersion relation of the wave and its attenuation will be shown to involve the frequency-dependent conductivity of the metal. Subsequently it will be demonstrated how the embedding of metal stripes in a dielectric material results in wave guides with much lower attenuation, and experimental results for 12 nm thick gold stripes will be reported.

The fabrication and characterization of the devices, carried out in the clean-room facility DTU Danchip and the Photonics Lab at the Technical University of Denmark, will also be described . The figure below shows an optical image of the wave guides and the output intensity distribution of a single wave guide.

Figure: A . Optical microscope image
of the wave guides

Figure: B. Output intensity distribution
detected with
infrared camera

Master Student Colloquium by Maksim Zalkovskij