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Shock Processed Dust: Spitzer MIPS SED and IRS observations.

Supernova Remnants (SNRs) are major sites of dust processing,
Including dust destruction and possible creation. However, due to a limited
number of SNRs observed with sensitive high resolution mid- and far-
infrared imaging, our detailed knowledge of the processes determining
the dust abundance, composition, and mass spectrum, has been
limited. Direct observations of dust in SNRs rely on long wavelength
observations capable of penetrating the extinction along the line of
sight predominantly in the Galactic plane and to directly observe the
cold and warm dust in the remnant. We have obtained sensitive
MIPS SED and IRS data toward 14 Galactic SNRs identified in the GLIMPSE

The high spatial resolution of Spitzer allowed us to accurately
separate the general Galactic plane emission and the emission from
The SNR. We modeled the dust grain composition in the SNRs and
discuss the evidence for dust processing  in the SNR shells through a
Decomposition of the continuum from  20 to 90 micron into several grain

We discuss the relative abundance  of very small grains (1.2-15nm)
and large grains (15-110nm) and the modification of grain size

We further detect PAHs in some of the  SNRs. We find the radiation
field to only be orginally enhanced in the SNR compared to that of the
diffuse interstellar medium.

Arranged by: Jens Knude