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Theoretical Particle Physics Seminar

Speaker:  D. Diakonov (St. Petersburg, INP)

Title: Statistical Physics of Dyons and Quark Confinement


Recently, new exact solutions of the Yang--Mills equations have been
discovered, which generalize standard instantons; the new instantons
can be viewed as built of N monopoles (for the SU(N) gauge group), or
dyons. The small oscillation determinant about the new classical solution
has been computed, as well as the integration measure over its collective
coordinates. In the semiclassical approximation to the Yang--Mills theory,
its partition function is reduced to that of a grand canonical ensemble
of dyons experiencing Coulomb interactions. Remarkably, this statistical
mechanics can be described by an exactly solvable quantum field theory
in three dimensions; it has the following striking features:
1) The free energy has the minimum corresponding to the zero average
Polyakov line, as expected in the confining phase;
2) The correlation function of two Polyakov lines exhibits a linear
potential between static quarks in any N-ality non-zero representation,
with a calculable string tension;
3) The average spatial Wilson loop falls off exponentially with its area
and the same string tension;
4) Massless gluons dissapear from the spectrum;
5) At a critical temperature the ensemble of dyons rearranges and
6) The estimated ratio of the critical temperature to the square root
of the string tension is in good agreement with the lattice data.

[Based on a paper with Victor Petrov published in Phys.Rev.D76:056001,2007;
e-Print: arXiv:0704.3181]