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Mini-course: Methods for electrical measurements in nano-science

Mini-course by Nobert Willnecker, Keithley Instruments

Keithley Instruments has developed a series of instruments and methods for measurements of extremely low electrical signals in nano-devices, high- and low-impedance circuits, and nanomaterials. Following a brief introduction by Thomas Jul from Nortelco-Denmark, our guest Norbert Willnecker, Keithley's European expert, will present these methods and in particular focus on the sources of errors that influence measurements in nanoelectronics.

We will begin by a general introduction to measurements of small voltages and currents. Thereafter we will focus on the particular challenges in nanotechnology. We can adapt the contents of the course to the participants and there will be ample opportunity for questions and discussions of specific problems.

Limited number of participants. Please registrer ASAP and no later than
22/9 by email to