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Growth and Characterization of Heterostructure Nanowires

Master Thesis Defence

By Peter Krogstrup
Wednesday 17/6 - 13.00, Aud 4

Semiconductor nanowires are quasi one-dimensional crystalline structures with sizes of typically 1 to 10 mm in length and only 10 to 150 nm in diameter. These structures have already made an impact in applications as diverse as mass sensors, single-electron transistors and photon sources among others. Because we are still learning about the properties of nanowires there are most likely many applications we haven't even considered yet.

I will present heterostructure III-V nanowires consisting of the group III elements indium and gallium and the group V element Arsenic, grown by the bottom-up technique Molecular Beam Epitaxy. New structures are presented as well as a growth model is proposed. Characterizations of the nanowires have been done with various electron microscopy techniques. Below (left side) a SEM image of positioned InAs based nanowires standing on the substrate they were grown on. On the right a high resolution high angle STEM image of a nanowire showing the two possible III-V nanowire structures Zinc Blende (ZB) and Wurtzite (WZ).