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Information meeting on ESS

The Deans of SCIENCE, PHARMA, LIFE, and the Medical Faculty invite all KU-employees, students, and other interested to an information meeting on the planned European Spallation Source (ESS). This facility will become the world leading source of neutrons for materials research in a broad sense. ESS may be placed in Lund (S), next to the planned leading synchrotron-Xray source Max-IV.
The meeting will be in English. Level of the presentations will be for M.Sc./Ph.D. students and non-experts.

Confirmed programme:
13.00 General information
- Colin Carlile, ESS-Scandinavia (S): The ESS project and the European angle (30 min)
- Hans Müller, Danish Ministry of Science: The Danish view on ESS (15 min)
- Brian Vinter, e-science Centre, KU: ESS data management center in Denmark (15 min)
- Short questions

14.00 Break with hot/cold drinks, fruit, and cake

14.15 Scientific possibilities with ESS
- Franz Pfeiffer, PSI (CH): New trends in neutron imaging (15 min) 
- Trevor Forsyth, ILL (F): The study of biological systems using neutrons (15 min)
- Lise Arleth, IGM, KU-Life: Neutron studies of proteins and biological membranes (15 min)
- Bo Brummerstedt Iversen, Chemistry, AU: Neutrons and new (energy)materials (15 min)
- Henrik Rønnow, EPFL (CH): Quantum effects in materials (15 min)

15.30 Questions and discussion
16.00 End of meeting
16.30 Auditorium closes