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String study group

S. Matsuura, Niels Bohr Institute

Recent progress in SUSY lattice theory

 I will talk about some recent progress in lattice gauge theory with
exact supersymmetry. Recently, several schemes of supersymmetric
lattice theories including N=4 SYM have been developed. I will show that
these seemingly different schemes are related with each other and so-called
the orbifolding procedure gives the unifying framework. I will also
mention on the relation to YM matrix theories.

D.B.Kaplan and M.Unsal, hep-lat/0503039 (hep-lat/0302017, hep-lat/0307012)
S.Catterall, hep-lat/0410052
A.D'Adda, I.Kanamori, N.Kawamoto and K.Nagata, hep-lat/0507029
F.Sugino, hep-lat/0601024

(P.H.Damgaard and S.M, 0708.4129, 0706.3007, 0801.2936)