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Studies of Ultracold Atoms:BEC with Sodium Atoms

Ph.d.-defence: Carsten Vandel Nielsen

Niels Bohr Institute


The field of ultracold atomic physics is flourishing!

Spurred by the development of laser cooling and trapping techniques in the eighties, the successful completion of the centennial quest for Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC) was made in 1995. Since then, the field has exploded into extremely interesting and rewarding research.


Initially, I will give a short overview of the current state of the field. The remaining part deals with the details of our experimental setup, the cooling stages toward nano-Kelvin temperatures and the observation of sodium Bose-Einstein condensates in our cloverleaf magnetic trap. Furthermore, a developed method for in-situ characterization of the magnetic trap based on polarization-dependant Zeeman spectroscopy is presented. Finally, I will discuss experiments and modelling of damping and atomic motion in the trap above condensate temperatures.


Ph. D. committee:

Professor Peter van der Straten (Universiteit Utrecht)

Professor Anders Kastberg (Umeå Universitet)

Associate professor Jes Henningsen (Københavns Universitet)  (Chairman)


Academic advisor: Jan W. Thomsen


After the defence there will be a reception on the second floor of
the D-building (HCØ).