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Ice deposits at the poles of the Moon and Mercury

Professor David A. Paige, University of California, Los Angeles, is visiting Centre for Ice and Climate. David A. Paige is renowned for his research on extraterrestrial ice and climate research, e.g. the ice on the polar caps and climate of Mars, the ice deposits on Mercury and the Moon; and the polar caps of Pluto and Triton. On Thursday, February 7, David A. Paige will talk about some of his recent work, and Friday, February 8, he will be a part of the evaluation committee of the PhD defence of Karen G. Schmidt.


      Ice deposits at the poles of the Moon and Mercury

      David A. Paige
          Professor of Planetary Science
          Department of Earth and Space Sciences
          University of California, Los Angeles

      The notion that water ice might be cold trapped in the permanently
      shadowed regions of the lunar poles was first proposed over forty
      years ago. Today, we have excellent evidence for ice at the poles of
      Mercury, but only fragmentary evidence for ice on the moon. The next
      wave of spacecraft bound for the Moon and Mercury may provide
      answers to outstanding questions regarding the nature, origin and
      history of ice at the poles of both planets, as well as clues on deeper
      questions regarding the origin of atmospheres, oceans, and life in the
      inner solar system.