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Optical Elements for Hard X-ray Radiation

Ph.d.-defence: Anette Jensen

Niels Bohr Institute and Nano-Science Center 

In this presentation I will describe the development and characterization of an optical element for the next-generation x-ray source the Compact Light Source (CLS). The CLS is a miniature synchrotron light source recently developed by the company LynceanTechnologies Inc. At present it is expected that this powerful x-ray machine will be installed at the University of Copenhagen during the year 2009. The development of the optical element is the result of a collaboration between the Nano-Science Center at the University of Copenhagen, the Danish National Space Center, the Danish company JJ-XRAY A/S and Lyncean Technologies Inc. The optical element is based upon two multi-layer mirrors positioned in a classic Kirkpatrick-Baez geometry. The curvature of the mirrors is not fixed, rather each mirror is mounted in a mirror bender which precisely controls the deflection of the mirror. Step by step I will describe and explain the development and the characterization of this optical element.

After the defence there will be a reception in D203 on second floor of
the D-building (HCØ). All are welcome!