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Niels Bohr Lectures og Niels Bohr Kollokvier er engelsksprogede foredragsrækker med nogle af verdens førende forskere inden for deres felt. Fra udlandet kommer de helt store kanoner og fortæller om den forskning, de er blevet verdenskendt for, og fremtrædende danske forskere fortæller om deres nyeste videnskabelige resultater og gennembrud.

Niels Bohr Lectures

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Niels Bohr Lecture by Michael Berry

18. november 2015 kl. 15:15

Niels Bohr Lecture by Michael BerryTitle: Nature’s optics and our understanding of light
Michael Berry is famous for the Berry phase, a phenomenon observed e.g. in quantum mechanics and optics. 
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Niels Bohr Lecture by Tomas Bohr

07. oktober 2015 kl. 15:15

Niels Bohr Lecture by Tomas BohrTitle: Bouncing Droplets, Pilot Waves & Quantum Mechanics
Tomas Bohr is Professor of Physics in the Section ”Biophysics and Fluids” at the Department of Physics Center for Fluid Dynamics at DTU.
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Niels Bohr Lecture by John Martinis

03. juni 2015 kl. 15:15

John MartinisTitle: What’s next after Moore’s law: quantum computing
John Martinis is a Professor at UC Santa Barbara since 2004 and a research Scientist at Google since 2014.
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Niels Bohr Lecture by Bradley M. Peterson

13. maj 2015 kl. 15:15

Bradley M. PetersonTitle: Solving the Quasar Mystery: A 50-Year Quest
Bradley M. Peterson has been on the faculty of The Ohio State University since 1980 and has served as Chair of the Department of Astronomy since 2006.
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Niels Bohr Lecture by Helge Stjernholm Kragh

22. april 2015 kl. 15:15

Title: The Discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background in Its Historical Context.
Helge Kragh is emeritus professor at the Niels Bohr Institute and former professor of history of science at Aarhus University.
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Inaugural lecture by Professor Enrico Ruiz-Ramirez

04. februar 2015 kl. 15:15

Niels Bohr Lecture by Professor Enrico Ruiz-RamirezTitle: Turning Stars into Gold better than 0.2 micrometres.
He received his Ph.D. in astrophysics and astronomy at the University of Cambridge, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at Princeton University. He joined the UC Santa Cruz (UCSC) faculty in 2007. 
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16. december 2014 kl. 16:15

Niels Bohr Lecture by Eric Betzig, Stefan W. HellEric Betzig, Stefan W. Hell and William E. Moerner are awarded this years Nobel Prize in Chemistry for having bypassed a presumed scientific limitation stipulating that an optical microscope can never yield a resolution better than 0.2 micrometres.
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Niels Bohr Lecture by Prof. Michael Roukes

12. november 2014 kl. 15:15

Niels Bohr Lecture by Prof. Michael RoukesTitle: Integrated Neurophotonics: A Vision for Massively-Parallel Interrogation of Brain Activity
Michael Roukes is a Robert M. Abbey Professor of Physics, Applied Physics, & Bioengineering at the California Institute of Technology
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Niels Bohr Lecture by Prof. Mark Raizen

01. oktober 2014 kl. 15:15

Niels Bohr Lecture by Prof. Mark RaizenTitle: Breaking Barriers with Maxwell's Demon
Mark Raizen holds the Sid W. Richardson Chair in Physics at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is a Professor of Physics. He pioneered the study of quantum chaos with cold atoms.
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Niels Bohr Lecture by Bert Schellekens

10. september 2014 kl. 15:15

Niels Bohr Lecture by Bert SchellekensTitle: Particle Physics in the Multiverse
Is our universe a single entity or part of a multiverse? Can the Standard Model of Particle Physics be derived uniquely from a fundamental theory, or is it just one of many possibilities?
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