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Peter Lodahl

Peter Lodahl


CV: Professor, dr. Peter Lodahl. November 2011.


Personal details: Born 9/8-1972, married, 2 children.

Degrees: M.Sc. (Uni. Aarhus, 1997), Ph.D. (Uni. Copenhagen, 2000).

Positions held: 2001-02: postdoc Caltech, USA.

2002-05: postdoc University of Twente, The Netherlands.

2005-2011: associate professor and group leader at DTU Fotonik,

2011-today: full professor (vocation) and group leader at Niels Bohr

Institute, University of Copenhagen.


Brief summary of research

Current active research topics include: quantum dot spectroscopy, control of spontaneous

emission with photonic crystals, quantum plasmonics, multiple scattering and Anderson

localization of light, quantum optomechanics, and efficient quantum light sources for

quantum information processing. Research highlights include:

. First observation that quantum dots in plasmonic nanostructures behave

fundamentally different than atomic counterparts enabling a novel and very

promising way of enhancing light-matter interaction (2011).

. First demonstration of cavity quantum electrodynamics experiments with Andersonlocalized

cavities (2010).

. First experimental demonstration of spatial quantum correlations induced by multiple

scattering of non-classical light, which has opened a new research field of quantum

optics in strongly scattering random media (2009).

. First realization of a high-efficiency single-photon source based on a quantum dot

coupled to a photonic crystal waveguide (2008).

. Theoretical prediction of a new spatial quantum correlation with no classical analogy

due to multiple scattering of light (2005).

. First experimental demonstration that the dynamics of spontaneous emission can be

controlled in a photonic crystal, which was the first demonstration of the effect that

founded the field of photonic band gap crystals (2004).


Selected awards and grants:

. The Danish Independent Research Councils' Young Researcher's Award (2005).

. ERC starting grant (2010).


Selected Papers:

Total of 57 papers in international journals including 14 in Nature, Science, Nature Physics

and Physical Review Letters, 5 book chapters, and 11 popular articles. >80 proceedings

papers (with review) >50 invited talks.




Supervised 9 completed (+5 ongoing) Ph.D. students, 6 postdocs, and 11 M.Sc. students.



Reviewer for Nature, Science, Nature Physics, Nature Photonics, Nature Communications,

Physical Review Letters, A, B & E, Optics Letters, Optics Express, Applied Physics Letters,

Laser & Photonics Reviews, Applied Optics, Optics Communications, Chemical Physics


Reviewer of FET projects for the European Commission, European Research Council (ERC)

starting grants.

ID: 34394544