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Cynthia Anne Keeler

Cynthia Anne Keeler


  • Teoretisk partikelfysik og kosmologi

    Blegdamsvej 17, 2100 København Ø

    Telefon: +45 35 33 33 68

Curriculum Vitae


Cynthia Anne Keeler


October 31, 2016



Mailing Address   Niels Bohr Institute

Phone Number

+45 26 81 19 31

Blegdamsvej 17

Google Voice


2100 Copenhagen

Email Address



Skype Name



Research Interests


Theoretical high energy and gravitational physics





Jan. 2016 - present:

Assistant Professor (non-permanent)


Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen


Postdoctoral Appointment


Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen


Postdoctoral Appointment


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Postdoctoral Appointment


Center for the Fundamental Laws of Nature


Harvard University




University of California, Berkeley


2006:      M.A. Physics


2008:      Ph.D. Physics, Advisor: Petr Horava


Thesis: “Beyond the static: Exploring nonequilibrium string theory via noncritical M-theory and heterotic E8 tachyon condensation”


Stanford University


2003:      B.S. Physics, B.S. Mathematics, Minor in Classics


Awards and Fellowships



2015-2017:    Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship


2015: Rosenfeld Foundation support for PhD School (30.000 kr) 2015: Niels Bohr Institute Fund support for PhD School (30.000 kr)


2005-2008:    National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship


2002:       Undergraduate Research Opportunity Major Grant at Stanford University


Teaching Experience


Thesis Supervision at Niels Bohr Institute


Oct. 2017:              Master's thesis supervisor of Emil Have


(Anticipated)              Expected title: “Holographic Superconductor Revisted”


Jan. 2018:              Master's thesis co-supervisor of Bjarke Nielson


(Anticipated)              Expected title: “Large D Lifshitz Black Branes”


UC Berkeley Teaching Assistantships


Fall 2007:               “String Theory” for Petr Horava


Taught sections and graded homework. Spring 2006: “General Relativity” for Ori Ganor


Graded homework and held o ce hours. Spring 2005: “Quantum Mechanics II” for Dung-Hai Lee


Taught weekly sections, graded homework and exams. Spring/Fall 2004: “Modern Physics” for Adrian Lee


Taught weekly sections and labs, graded exams. Fall 2003: “Introduction to Mechanics” for Peter Yu


Taught weekly sections and labs, graded exams.


Stanford University Teaching Assistantships


Fall 2002:               “Electronics Lab” for Rick Pam


Ran and graded lab sections, supervised student   nal projects.


Educational Programs for Gifted Youth (Stanford Initiative)


2001-2002:             Distance tutor for physics courses.


Spring 2002: Helped develop distance Differential Equations course. 2001-2003: Tutor for EPGY summer courses on special relativity.


Other Teaching Experience


Occasional substitute lecturer as a postdoc: for Finn Larsen, “From Quarks to Cosmos”; for Leo Pando-Zayas, “General Relativity”; and for Henriette Elvang, “Modern Physics”.



Committees and Professional Activities


Reviewer for Physical Review D, Physical Review Letters, Physics Letters B, Journal of High Energy Physics, and European Physical Journal C; Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada external reviewer.


April 2016: Co-organizer of “Current Themes in Holography: Exact Results, Applications, Extensions, and Fundamentals” conference at NBI.


October 2015: Co-organizer and lecturer for NBI PhD school entitled “Holography: Entangled, Applied and Generalized”.


2015-2016: Co-organizer of NBI High Energy Theory Seminars.


October 2013: Co-organizer of “Black Holes in String Theory” workshop at U. Michigan 2011 - 2014: Co-organizer of U. Michigan's Brown Bag Seminar series.


Spring 2010: Organizer of Harvard's String Theory Postdoc Journal Club.


Fall 2006: Graduate rep. on Graduate and Upper Division Course Committee at UC Berkeley. 2005 - 2006: Co-Coordinator of Society of Women in the Physical Sciences at UC Berkeley. 2005 - 2006: Member of Graduate Student/Faculty Mentor Liaison Committee at UC Berkeley. 2002 - 2003: Undergraduate rep. on Undergraduate Study Committee at Stanford University.


Public Talks


“Black Holes and Entropy”


October 2015 lectures at the Niels Bohr Institute as part of the Folke Universitet course “News from the Niels Bohr International Academy.”


“Entropy: Quantifying What We Don't Know”


February 2013 public talk in Ann Arbor, Michigan in Saturday Morning Physics sequence. Available at http://lecb.physics.lsa.umich.edu/CWIS/browser.php?ResourceId=4385


Invited Conference Talks


“Partition Functions via Quasinormal Mode Methods: Spin, Product Spaces, and Boundary Conditions.”


August 2016: “String Theory in London 2016: Supersymmetry, Geometry, and Hologra-phy,” at King's College London.


September 2016: Cambridge-Mitchell Workshop, at Hereford, England.


“Boundary Causality vs Hyperbolicity for Small Black Holes in Gauss-Bonnet.”


August 2016: “Inward Bound - Conference on Black Holes and Emergent Spacetime”, at Nordita in Stockholm.


“A Caveat for Applied Holography.”


March 2015: “Holographic Methods for Strongly Coupled Systems”, GGI in Arcetri. March 2016: “10th Nordic String Theory Meeting”, Jacobs University Bremen.


“Partition Functions in Even Dimensional AdS via Quasinormal Mode Methods.”


October 2013: “Black Holes in String Theory”, U. Michigan.


“Fluid-Gravity Duality at a Cuto  Surface.”


May 2012: Mextrings, UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico.


January 2012: String and Particles Ohio, Cincinnati, Kentucky (SPOCK), Purdue. August 2011: On Black Holes, Cold Materials, and Hot Nuclei, at ICTP in Trieste, Italy.


“From Navier-Stokes to Einstein.”


February 2011: Strongly Correlated Systems and Gauge/Gravity Duality, in Aspen.


“Marginally Relevant Deformations in Lifshitz Holography.”


February 2010: Poster at Condensed Matter Physics Meets High Energy Physics, IPMU November 2009: Workshop on Holography and Universality of Black Holes, CHEP, McGill.


“Closed String Tachyon Condensation in the E8 Heterotic System.”


April 2008: PIMS Paci c Northwest Strings Seminar, UBC, Vancouver.


Research Seminars


Over 50 research seminars given at institutions throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Recent highlights include:


“A Caveat for Applied Holography”


October 2014: Arizona State University; November 2014: Uppsala University; February 2015: Niels Bohr Institute; May 2015: University of Groningen; November 2015: Max Planck Institute, Potsdam; January 2016: Brandeis University; February 2016: Cambridge DAMTP, Imperial College.


“Partition Functions in Even Dimensional AdS via Quasinormal Mode Methods”


May 2014: Stanford University; September 2014: Harvard University; November 2014: Durham University; January 2015: Brown University; May 2015: University of Amsterdam; January 2016: McGill, March 2016: ETH Zurich; October 2016: Oxford University, University of Southampton.


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