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Åke Nordlund

Åke Nordlund


CV: Professor Åke Nordlund (born January 7, 1947)


Academic degrees:

Fil. kand. (M. Sc.) from University of Uppsala, Sweden, 1969

Fil. Dr. (Ph. D.) in Theoretical Physics from University of Stockholm, Sweden, 1976.


Academic positions:

Amanuens, Theoretical Physics, Uppsala University, 1970-72

Research scholarship, Uppsala University, 1972

Research scholarship, Stockholm University, 1973-75

NORDITA scholarship, Copenhagen, 1975-78

Scholarship, Danish Space Board & Swedish NFR, 1978-79

Lektor, Astronomical Observatory, University of Copenhagen, 1979-2004

Visiting Scientist, HAO/NCAR, Boulder, Colorado (one year), 1982-83

Visiting Scientist, HAO/NCAR, Boulder, Colorado (one month), 1992, 1994, 1998

Visiting Scientiest, Lockheed-Martin, Palo Alto, California (one month), 2001

Visiting Scientist, Aspen Center for Physics, Aspen, Colorado (one month), 2002

Visiting Scientist, Center for Turbulence Research (Stanford), Ca (one month), 2004

Visiting Fellow, JILA, Boulder, Colorado (2 x 1 year), 1987-88, 2005-06

Temporary Faculty Member, ITP, Santa Barbara (one month), 1990, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007

Professor, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, 2004-


Academic memberships:

NORDITA, Astrophysics Committee, 1981-89

Danish Board for Astronomy (Astronomisk Udvalg), 1985-91

Board, Copenhagen University Observatory, 1990-2001

PhD committee, NBIfAFG, 1994-95

Computing Committee, NBIfAFG, 1995-2001

Board, NBIfAFG, 1995-2001

Research Committee (chairman), NBIfAFG,. 2001-2004

Danish Board for Astronomy (Astronomisk Udvalg), 2002-

Danish Center for Scientific Computing, Technical Committee, 2003-

Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters, 2006-


Conference organization:

Chairman, Local Organizing Committee (LOC), IAU Coll. 89, 1986

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC), NATO Workshop, Capri, 1988

SOC, IAU Symp. 138, Kiev, 1989

SOC, NATO Workshop, Trieste, 1990

SOC, IAU Comm. 12, 1991

SOC, Numerical Astrophysics 1998, Tokyo, 1997

SOC, IAU Symposium 195, 1999

SOC & LOC, Accretion and Assoc. Outflows, Copenhagen, 2000

SOC, IUTAM Meeting, Zakopane, Poland, 2001

SOC, 3D Stellar Modeling, Los Angeles, 2002

SOC & LOC, 1st Niels Bohr Summer Institute, Copenhagen, 2002

SOC, IAU Symp. 239, Prague, 2006

SOC & LIC, First Stars Workshop, Copenhagen 2007

SOC, Radiative transfer workshop, Heidelberg, 2008

SOC IAU Symposium 270, Barcelona 2010



Recipient of the Ole Rømer prize in Astrophysics, 2000 DKK, 1981

Recipient of Arne & Doris Truelsens legat, 10.000 DKK; 1985

Best Physics Teacher, 25.000 DKK, 1994

Royal Swedish Society Thureus Prize, 100.000 SEK, 1999


International reviewing activity:

Regular referee on Solar Physics, Monthly Notices of the Roy. Astron. Soc., Astronomy & Astrophys., Astrophys. Journal.  Member of the Solar Physics Editorial Board, 2001-2003


Scientific publications:

As of  November 2009: 152 publications in refereed journals currently listed in the Astronomical Data System (ADS), with 8752 citations.  All bibliographic sources: 344 publications with 9572 citations.  H-index 51,


Svensk, Dansk, Engelsk, Tysk


fil. dr. (Sweden)

ID: 8453