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07. juni 2018

Postdoc in StemPhys including responsibilities as research coordinator

The Niels Bohr Institute (NBI) is announcing a position as Postdoc including responsibilities as a research coordinator at the Center for Stem Cell Decision Making, StemPhys, financed by the Danish National Research Foundation.

The center is interdisciplinary with researchers both from Science (NBI) and from the faculty of Health (DanStem) and is headed by Professor Lene Oddershede (NBI). The center is financed until April 2021 after which there is a possibility to apply for an extended period of an additional 4 years. The position will run until March 31 2021 with the possibility of extension.   

Job description 

The position has two task areas: Research within the interests of the center and research coordination. It is expected that the time will be shared equally between research and coordination, although with annual variations following the activities of the center. 

As a researcher, you are expected to take an active part and contribute to the center’s research activities. The center is interdisciplinary with a focus at the interface between physics and stem cell biology. The center seeks to uncover the fundamental mechanisms controlling stem cell differentiation. The experimental part of the center’s research activities is based on different biological model systems: embryonic stem cells, pancreatic organoids, and zebrafish. These model systems are investigated using advanced physical methods such as force-measuring optical tweezers, super-resolution microscopy, light shee microscopy. All experimental activities are paralleled by theoretical modeling.  

As a research coordinator, you are expected to plan and coordinate the activities and resources of the center. This includes taking responsibilities of economy and personnel in collaboration with the center leader. There will be a close collaboration with and assistance to the center leader and other core-scientists. You are expected to write and contribute to relatively substantial reports and applications, as well as to have various correspondence with internal and external partners. In addition, there will be administrative tasks in connection to recruitment in collaboration with the HR-team. The job also includes planning and running of, e.g., internal meetings and international workshops and conferences. We also expect you to maintain and improve the homepages of the center. 

We offer an exciting environment with possibilities for acquiring novel competencies and to create the perfect platform and profile. 

Required qualifications 

  • Education at the PhD level within relevant scientific topics. 
  • Documented experience in interdisciplinary research at the cross-roads of physics and biology.  
  • Analytical skills. 
  • Collaborative skills. 
  • Ability to take responsibility. 

You need not on forehand have administrative skills, but is necessary that you have the desire and skills to acquire knowledge about the administrative programs, routines and tools that are being used at the University of Copenhagen.  

Oral and written communicative stills at a professional level both in Danish and English. 

Terms of employment

  • The position is covered by the Memorandum on Job Structure for Academic Staff.   
  • Terms of appointment and payment accord to the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations on Academics in the State.   
  • The starting salary is currently up to DKK 419.772 including annual supplement (+ pension up to DKK 71.781). Negotiation for salary supplement is possible. 

Deadline for applications: June 22, 2018. Expected starting date: August 15, 2018. Contact: Prof. Lene Oddershede, email: 

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