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Danish National Astronomy Meeting, Sandbjerg Estate, 18-19 June 2013

***DEADLINE for registration: 1 June***

The astronomy community in Denmark has grown substantially in the past few years and is extermely diverse, with a great deal of exciting research happening at several institutions and in a variety of groups and centers.  The purpose of the Annual Meeting is primarily networking - who is doing what in Denmark, explore how can we work together and support the community in general, and to update eachother on the latest developments in our fields of research. 

The meeting will start at 13.00 on Tuesday with lunch and an opening talk, and wrap up on Wednesday at 14.00. The meeting will include:
   Keynote talk:  Isabelle Grenier, CEA Saclay
   Shot gun presentations
   Submitted talks
   Discussion of developing a Danish Astronomy Society
   Discussion of large facilities
   Poster sessions

Participants are encouraged to submit an extended abstract, which will include a picture of them and one scientific figure with a caption.  The abstracts will be printed in a Conference Book, which should then be able to serve as a ‘Who is who’ in Danish Astronomy. It is possible (recommended!) that researchers submit a abstract, even if they are not coming to the meeting.  A summary of the institutions/groups/centers engaged in astronomical research in Denmark will be included. All participants are also encouraged to bring a poster. There will be a dedicated poster session.

The meeting will take place at Sandbjerg Castle, part of the Sandbjerg Estate which serves as the main conference centre for the University of Aarhus. The estate is situated about 7 km northwest of Sønderborg in the southern part of Jutland.

There will be coaches arranged to transport meeting participants to and from the meeting from Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus.  More on the coaches will be available on the Logistics page in May.

Let us know if you will need childcare arranged on site during the meeting. We will explore the options if there is a demand for it.

Join us! 

Regards, the Scientific Organizing Committee and IDA

C. Karoff (chair), M. Pessah, S. Sarkar, C. Brinch, D.D.M. Ferreira, D. Rapetti, C. Grillo, M. Prescott, J. Hjorth

Questions? Contact IDA at IDA@astro.ku.dk.