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Previous Niels Bohr Lectures

2010 Event Speaker
13. December
kl. 15:15
Niels Bohr Lecture, Graphene: Materials in the Flatland Konstantin Novoselov
24. Februar
kl. 13:15
Adjunkt Stefania Xella, NBI, holder tiltrædelsesforelæsning Adjunkt Stefania Xella, NBI
5. Maj
kl. 13:15
Niels Bohr Lecture Professor Subir Sachdeev, Harvard
12. Maj
kl. 13:15
Niels Bohr Lecture Professor Charles Kane, University of Pennsylvania
3. Marts
kl. 13:15
Niels Bohr Lecture Professor Leonard Feldman, Rutgers Iniversity og Vanderbilt University.


2009 Event Speaker
4. Feb  Niels Bohr Lecture Rashid Sunyaev
15 Apr

Niels Bohr Lecture Precision Quantum  Metrology and Optical Atomic Clock

Professor Jun Ye,  JILA
22 Apr

Niels Bohr Lecture  Signals from the Universe: from DAMA/NaI to DAMA/LIBRA

Professor Pierluigi Belli
6 May

Inagural Lecture Cancelled

Adjunct Professor Christoph Schäer
29 May

Nobel Lecture:
A Bose Condensate in an Optical Lattice: cold atomis gases as solid state systems

Nobel Laureate Professor William D. Phillips,

16 sep

Niels Bohr Lecture:
Spherical Crystallography: Virus Buckling and the Folding of Pollen Grains

Professor David R. Nelson
30 sep

Niels Bohr Inaugural Lecture:
Dynamics of Flowing Elements: from Grains to Cells

Associate professor
Namiko Mitarai
7 okt Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport, what's the problem?

Associate professor
Jens Paaske

11 nov Niels Bohr Lecture:
The (unfortunate) complexity of the economy

Professor Jean-Philippe Bouchaud

18 nov

Niels Bohr Inaugural Lecture:
Hierarchical patterns in complex systems: from cracking of solids to the organization of university research units.

Associate professor

Joachim Mathiesen

9 Dec

Niels Bohr Lecture:
Taking Sides on the Dark Energy Issue

Professor Rocky Kolb

2008 Event Speaker
27 Feb Niels Bohr Institute Colloquium
Inaugural Lecture
Associate Professor Charlotte Fløe Kristjansen, NBI
12 Mar Niels Bohr Lecture
Professor Sir John Pendry, Imperial Colloge of London, Department of Physics, Condensed Matter Theory Group
23 Apr Niels Bohr Lecture Professor Dr. Ewine van Dishoeck, University of Leiden, Leiden Observatory
4 Jun Niels Bohr Lecture
A One-Electron Quantum Cyclotron: New Measurements of the Electron Magnetic Moment and the Fine Structure Constand
Professor Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard University
2 Jul Nobel Lecture Professor Albert Fert, Nobel Laureate 2007
27 Aug Fratrædelsesforelæsning/Retirement Lecture Professor Poul Erik Lindelof, Niels Bohr Institute
8. Okt Tiltrædelsesforelæsning /Inaugural lecture
Efter forelæsningen vil Planet- og Geofysik være vært ved en reception i sydenden af vandrehallen
Adjungeret professor Nils Olsen
12 Nov Niels Bohr Lecture
Exploring Matter from the Nano- to the Attoscale. Accelerator based Science from X-ray Lasers to particle Physics.
Professor Albrecht Wagner
3 Dec  Niels Bohr Lecture
Quantum Information Theory - visions and perspectives
Professor Michael Wolf
2007 Event Speaker
12 Sep Niels Bohr Institute Colloquium - Inaugural Lecture: First principles modelling of the electrical properties of nanoscale devices Honorary Professor Kurt Stokbro, DIKU, KU
14 Nov Niels Bohr Lecture
2007 Copenhagen University Honorary Doctor Lecture: Nonclassical Light 30 Years Later - An Assessment of the Voyage into Hilbert Space
H. Jeff Kimble, William L. Valentine Professor of Physics, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
28 Nov Niels Bohr Lecture
The Magic Bullet
Professor, Dr.Scient. Ole Mouritsen, MEMPHYS-Center for Biomembrane Physics, University of Southern Denmark, Odense
12 Dec Niels Bohr Institute Colloquium
Afskedsforelæsning /Retirement Lecture (in Danish) Demonstrationsforsøg over bølger
Associate Professor Malte Olsen, NBI